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Customer Testimonials for Ron Tate Auto Sales

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Patrick Demers - 2012 Ford F150

Thanks Ron and David. I appreciate your honesty and no bull.

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David L. - 2007 Ford Crown Victoria

I drove 365 miles one way (Waco Tx.) to have an option to choice from 5 different Crown Vics. I picked one and about 30 minutes later I loaded it on a trailer and headed home.
Ron was a great down to earth regular man. Nice to actually get to deal with him. He met me at 7am because he new I had a long trip ahead. He also helped me load it on the trailer. That's the kind a person he is. Thanks Ron Tate for everything.

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Steve - 2002 Ford F150 King Ranch

I met Ron and Jared the other day and bought me a new toy in the way of a used 02 Ford King Ranch my wife fell in love with! Hey these guys can put up with my anal retentive behind they have to be good trust me! I got a nice ride, a one owner and was pleased at the refreshing and "honest" business model Ron maintains! You can trust these guys! They do good work for our community! Support that! Nuff said!

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S. Hatfield - 2011 Toyota Camry

We drove 140 miles to purchase a great used Camry from Ron Tate Auto for my son after not being able to find anything decent locally in the Wichita area! It was well worth the drive, and we would definitely do business with this dealership again. They purchase quality used cars and sell them at very fair prices. The detail work done on the car was impeccable. The owner and staff are very friendly and not pushy at all. We will definitely look them up the next time we need another vehicle! Thank you so much! (oh, and the restaurant recommended was excellent, too!)

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Ronnie D. - 2005 Dodge Magnum Hemi R/T

I wanted to share our experience with Ron Tate auto sales. I live in Waco Texas and had been looking for a magnum RT for weeks, could not find anything around me that was in good shape with a fair price, RT magnums are getting harder and harder to find. I looked further in range and found Ron up in northern Oklahoma, he had the car I have always wanted, I called him friday morning and talked to him for a little about it, He is a good guy, sharing info on the car and ZERO pressure to sell, or get your info, just telling me about the car, and sharing the CARFAX details, 1 owner low miles ETC. From that info, and all the pictures he had of it on his website, I knew it was exactly what I wanted, and we started talking price, his price was already fair on the car, but like everyone else, I wanted to see if I could get it for a little less, he was able to wiggle a little on the price taking into consideration I was In Texas and willing to come up and buy the car sight unseen if it is what he says it is. We struck an agreement and he gave me his word he would hold the car for me Until I could get there saturday morning. I called him a little later letting him know I could be there later friday night as it was a 7 hour drive for us, and could meet him in the morning but had to leave first thing to be back at work saturday night, he informed me he would wait for us to get there knowing it would be later in the evening. We got there last night, he had the car sitting in the bay all lit up and cleaned up. I took it for a test drive and we returned. To my wife I the car was not only was the car everything Ron said it was, It was actually Nicer than that, I can not believe They were able to find this year car with this low miles and in this nice shape, and price it so fairly. I live in Texas and am surrounded by not so honest high pressure salesman trying to make a buck. Ron Tate is nothing like that, He is just a Great Honest person, working hard to find nice dependable cars, this was the easiest and best car buying experience I have ever had, and I have had alot. My wife and I could not be happier with our purchase, or our experience with Ron Tate . Was the 16 hour round trip drive worth it?? YOU BET,, Thanks again Ron. Ronnie and Debbie Dean Waco, Texas

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James - 2011 Ford F150 XLT

These guys went out of their way to help me when I picked up my truck, very courteous and professional, would definitely buy from them again, James.

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Charles A. - 2011 Dodge Charger

I've been putting off buying a car for a while, thanks in no small part to my hatred of dealing with the pushy salesman that are found on most car lots. No such problem at Ron Tate Auto Sales! Everyone that I dealt with was very friendly and knowledgeable and there was no high-pressure sales pitch or other unsavory tactics. I'm very pleased with the car and whenever I'm in the market for another vehicle, I'm heading back to Ron Tate!

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Brandy C - 2006 Ford Escape

We actually enjoyed our experience buying a car! We have shopped all over the state and even dealt with a few others before finding Ron & his son. They truly follow the Golden Rule & treat you like they would want to be treated. Here is why they're so amazing!: 1) They price their vehicles at/near the NADA clean trade value & show you the chart in each car. This is the price lenders go by generally. They know you might need to borrow money, so they make it easy to do with their pricing. 2) They provide you the Car Fax. In every car they have it sitting there for you to look at easily. They also went through and showed us what all their mechanic had done. 3) They gave us an even better deal without us asking. We thought the price was great, but they gave us a bit more off and a bit more time because we bought two without is having to ask. 4) One of the cars had pinstriping my husband did not like. They took it off for us and said if there's anything else we find that needs fixed to let them know. 5) They do their own work. 6) They tried to sell us a cheaper car. They had one in a different body style they had driven & had a great experience with & wanted my husband to consider it. He still opted for the prettier one, but we were impressed by their concern. 7) They will work with your lender, even when, like ours, they're not the nicest and change things at the last minute and/or several times. 8) They will work with you. They met us late for us to pick up one car by our crazy schedule. They're giving us time to pay cash for the second without having to have another loan. 9) Overall, THEY'RE NOT CAR SALESMEN!!! They're not shifty or pushy and they don't try selling you anything. They listen and talk to you about what's best for you. You don't have to haggle because the price is right to begin with and listed clearly. There's no boss to talk to, just them and they make the decisions. We will tell everyone about this place and when we need another car, we will buy it here.

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David - 2010 Dodge Hemi Charger

No pushy salesman very helpful down to earth honest people who I enjoyed visiting with. You can trust!!!

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Amey - 2001 Toyota Corolla

It was by far the easiest car buying experience I've ever had!! We we're in and out with a vehicle purchase in a couple hours. The hardest part was trying to decide which vehicle to purchase. I highly recommend you checking them out!

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